Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I can't find my pictures, what should I do?

The photos are sorted by date, habitat, time of swim and type of swim. Once you have correctly selected the search filters, you will be able to select your photo group. If you cannot find your photo, write to us at: or call us toll free from abroad at 1-888-526-2230.

2. What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) debit card and via PayPal (it is not required to have a PayPal account). We do not accept cash or bank transfers.

3. Is it safe to pay online?

Yes, your payments are made through Conekta and PayPal, both of which are secure and approved payment systems. Your data is protected by an excellent electronic system. PhotoDelphinus does not receive or store any kind of information related to your credit card or bank details.

4. In what format do you deliver the photos?

All photos are handed over in digital format (JPG) and weigh approximately 1 to 2 MB each; we do not currently deliver printed photos. You will receive your photos in printed format only if you selected the Photobook option.

5. For how long are my photos and video available?

From the date of your swim with dolphins, we store all the photos and videos for a period of 3 months. If you purchase your photos and video, we guarantee that they will be available in your account for an additional month to give you time to download them.

6. How can I purchase my Photobook?

The Photobook is part of Package 3, which also includes a digital copy of your photos and a video. You will select the 20 photos you prefer.

7. How is the Photobook sent?

Your Photobook will be delivered by the shipping company, UPS, within 5 working days (applies to USA, Canada and Mexico) and in 6 to 10 days for all other countries. We will send it to the address you enter when creating your account.

8. Can I see a preview of my video?

A preview of the video of your interaction is not currently available. You will only be able to download and view your video once you have purchased package 2 or 3.

9. In what format is my video handed over?

Your HD video is in MP4 format and lasts between 8 and 10 minutes. You will be able to see your best action moments with the dolphins on any device such as PC, tablet, IMac, IPad and Android phones. Video files can be opened with Windows Media Player, VLC or QuickTime. It is important to mention that certain devices do not have the most up-to-date software and will not read the photo and video files. If your preferred video player cannot open the MP4 file, you might need to install (download) a codec for MPEG4. Call toll free from abroad at 1-888-526-2230 or send us an email at

10. Why do I need an account?

Access to an account is for users who have made an online purchase and wish to enter and see their photo panel. If your username and password are marked as incorrect, check that you are not confusing any of the characters, given that the username and password are both case sensitive.

11. The webpage or my photos are not displayed correctly, what can I do?

Make sure you have an updated version of Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. If the problem persists, email us: or call us toll free from abroad at 1-888-526-2230.

12. How long after having bought my photos will they be available?

Once you make the purchase, the photos are uploaded to your account in 2 to 48 hours maximum in their original format. We will notify you be email once your photos are available.

13. I never received my purchase confirmation email.

Check your junk mail and spam to make sure the email isn’t there. If you have checked that the charge was made to your card and you cannot find the confirmation email, write to us at: or call us toll free from abroad at 1-888-526-2230.

Safe Payment

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